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Challenge Coins are at their very best when displayed! A rack can help display them, as well as tell a bit of your story. We offer racks with a single tier, two tiers, or three tiers, with an option to add a back panel and mount on a wall as well as display on a shelf or desktop. We offer these in Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Tigerwood, and Maple; other woods can be offered by special request to woodservicegifts@gmail.com. The base pricing is for Cherry in our standard size; You can select upgrades to other woods and sizes for an upcharge. Our standard size is 12.5" across, 9" deep, and approximately 3/4" thick (one tier), 1.5" (two tier) or 2.25" thick (three tiered). We offer one additional size base - 16" x 9"; other sizes can be special ordered as well. These hold between 40-60 coins, depending on the coin sizes and shape. The standard lower tier allows for an engraving area 1" x 12" (up to 2 rows of text are included; font and size dependent); this can be increased (lose one row for coins), or eliminated (add a row of coins - 3-7 coins). Add a back panel for more text and art options. Back panels are offered in standard 2", 4", and 6" sizes - text up to 2 lines of 1/2" x 12" are included on 4"/6" panels. The 4" and 6" panels allow for wall mounting on request (no additional cost) We also offer an enlarged base for each of these options, adding 20 or more coins of additional display. We can include up to 2 1"x 1" art elements on the base and up to 2 art elements on the 4" and 6" upright panels. You can choose a number of clear seals at no additional cost. We can also do custom work for wider racks, custom shaped back panels, or add additional art and text to the lower or upright panels on request - contact us by mail for a quote for these.

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