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Large Game Letter Tiles

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4" x 4" x ~3/4" thick.

Built out of solid clear coated pine, characters are carved and hand-painted in black before being clear-sealed. Tiles are marked with the international score value for popular word games.

These game tiles can be used to spell out your favorite catchphrase, make crosswords of your family member names, act as a business sign, root on your favorite team, or whatever you want to spell out! This are suitable for flat displays on tables or walls, or can be displayed upright on edge or in a rack.

*We request a minimum of 6 tiles be ordered for production reasons.

Available Languages: Arabic* - Armenian - Basque - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dutch - English - Finnish - French - Scots Gaelic - German (modern) - German (Fraktur) - Greek - Hawaiian - Hebrew* - Hungarian - Irish - Italian - Japanese (Hiragana) - Klingon - Latin - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Tagalog - Turkish - Ukrainian - Welsh

Chinese (Pinyin) - Korean (Hangul) - Thai - Hindi (Devanagari) - there are no established number values for these languages, and thus not carved on the tiles.

*For Arabic and Hebrew - you have the option for reversing the numeral placement and using the "matching numeral characters".

Numerical tiles: Hindu- Arabic (European) (1,2,3,4,,5, etc) - Arabic (Mashriki) (٠, ١, ٢, ٣, ٤, ٥, etc.) - Hebraic (א‎ , ב‎, ג‎, etc) in digits equating to 0-9 (1-14 for Hebrew) as applicable; Note that in Hebrew, the difference is that numeral tiles are the same as letter tiles, but without a value indicator.

Roman numerals: I,II,III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, XII, D, C, L, M fit onto a 4"x4", and are priced as single tiles

Punctuation, and other symbols (including larger Roman Numerals) are also available by contacting WSG.

Blank tiles are available at a reduced price when combined with a regular order.


Order as a group; MDF cut black tiles, with yellow letters spelling out "GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY" or "GO ARMY! BEAT AIR FORCE" with a single set. Tile value are gray in color.


  • 3 blank tiles
  • 1 exclamation point
  • All letters needed to spell out either message (one "A" is used for both Navy and Air Force".

Please note - WSG does NOT provide translation services; you must order each character (and the corrects multiples) from any language on your own. You simply order the total number of tiles you require, and email mail us with the details of the language you wish to use and a listing of the characters. We will make the tiles with the correct "value", when applicable. Characters are typically 2" high, but these may be adjusted to allow correct sizing in a set to include accent marks, umlauts, and other details to match within a set.


Need a logo, special colors, or some art element not listed? Email us for an answer on availability and a customized quote!

Roman Numerals that require enlarged tiles can be ordered as "special sized" tiles (such as VIII, XII, XIV, XVI, XVII, XXI) at 6"x4, and larger-sized tiles can be custom ordered as a single tile (such as 1999 - MCMXCIX, a 15"x4" tile, as an example, would be billed as 3.5 standard tiles). Hebraic numerals for 15 and larger are available on request, normally as single character tiles, but some require larger tiles.

Ordering Tips:

- Initially order 1 tile in your selected type. Adjust the count in the cart to the total character tiles you require.

- In the text block, list the count of each letter/character/symbol/or punctuation you require. Alternately, send us an email of the characters you need (if you cannot paste them into the text block) Example: "Letter E - 6"; "Letter X - 3", "Number 1 - 2" ", "! -1", "Roman Numeral V -1", "€ - 1", etc).

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